Summer in February: Huffington Post preview article

Summer in February: Huffington Post preview article

A preview article about Summer In February has been shared on The Huffington Post.

As with all these bohemian groups who talk a good tale of free, open, uncomplicated love, so we see in 'Summer in February' that such romances generally reach a sticky end. Fans of Stevens will be delighted to see his fringe bouncing and his brow furrowing as he negotiates the croquet hoops of love, friendship and impending war.

'Summer in February' will be in UK cinemas on 14 June 2013.



Disregarding some of the errors in this article, it was still a treat to enjoy reading and seeing some of the photos.
Happily it shouldn't be too long to wait for UK screenings, and I hope that USA will be able to enjoy it soon as well. I am also hoping that a DVD will be released soon, as no doubt many of us will want to see it more than once!


Tho I fear I must, don't know yet when the film will cross the pond fpr all the Dan fans here. (The Huffington Post always seems a bit huffy to me).

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