Summer In February: interview for The Independent

Great interview with Dan about Summer In February for The Independent. The article also touches on Dan's latest projects too. Read the whole thing on the website.

There was no hint of Downton discord on Summer in February. Stevens expressed hope that the explosion in the show's popularity in the US would help the film's prospects, and praised Downton as “a fantastically valuable experience and a great ride. I've absolutely loved it.” He also gave a sporting chuckle when I raised some of the nuttier plotlines foisted upon Matthew, for instance his miraculous recovery from paralysis and impotence in season two. “I perform what is put in front of me!” he said. “There are some crazy storylines. We only get two scripts at a time so you never quite know where it's going. I'm not sure Julian knows quite until we start shooting and then by episode eight, he may have changed his mind about a few things.”

Stevens also excitedly told me that he'd recently been signed by powerful American agency WME. “When signing with someone becomes a headline, that's quite cool, although I was a bit like, 'Really? That's news?',” he laughed. “I'm very, very excited by those guys and they are excited by me. Things will start to heat up, which is exciting. Watch this space, man.” And indeed, since wrapping on Summer in February and leaving Downton, Stevens has played a heroin trafficker in the Hollywood thriller A Walk Among the Tombstones and journalist Ian Katz in the Wikileaks biopic The Fifth Estate; delivered an acclaimed stint on Broadway opposite Jessica Chastain in The Heiress; and become a father for the second time.



So appreciate the link to this interview. Right up there with watching Dan on television or film, is learning through articles like this what a gracious, thoughtful, and intelligent man he is. I quite adore him!
from the USA


Good news! the latest edition of the Summer In February book has arrived today in the UK.
The cover design is based on the film poster, featuring photos of Dan, Dominic Cooper & Emily Browning, and is a delight in itself! The book, as many will know, is a beautiful piece of work. Excellent!

Does anyone know?

Apart from some special events in London & Cornwall, does anyone know of any screenings of Summer In February elsewhere in the UK? I haven't found any info about general release June 14th on, in 'local' cinemas.
Many thanks

Good to read

What an excellent account of an Interview given by Dan Stevens when he was still involved with the filming of Series 3 of Downton Abbey.

Quite different from one published immediately after the Christmas Special was shown in the UK.

Dan's enthusiasm and eagerness for what may lie ahead is quite contagious.

Good to read

A very pleasing article, well written and providing a pretty accurate and balanced view.

Dan always comes across as such a gentleman.

Dan Stevens


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