Summer In February interview & Sunday Telegraph column

Summer In February interview & Sunday Telegraph column

Thank you for the scan of Dan's latest column for the Sunday Telegraph which was published yesterday. It will be available to read online later this week.

Another new interview with Dan about the Summer In February score has been shared this weekend by BBC Radio 3. 



article, Dan would make a erudite film critic, his sensibility and his command of the English language is always engaging. I have enjoyed the wit of his lighter articles, and his thoughtful treatment of weightier matters. And this one, is in a class of its own. Well done, Dan!
jfrom the USA

Looking forward

To reading Dan's latest column when it is up? down? loaded so I may print it and enjoy it.! Always a pleasure.

A very big thank you

I always enjoy reading Dan's articles in the Telegraph Seven magazine, and the Radio 3 clip is brilliant.
The Summer In February score is one of the most beautiful pieces of film music to have been written in recent times. I only hope that it is recognised for what it is, at the forthcoming World Soundtrack Awards in Ghent, for which it has received a nomination.

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