Summer In February: Jeremy Cowdrey - the making of ‘Summer in February’

Summer In February: Jeremy Cowdrey - the making of ‘Summer in February’

Penlee House is hosting an event on 18 & 19th March where Jeremy Cowdrey talks about making Summer In February. Visit the Penlee House website for more details. 

The National Sporting Library and Museum in Middleburg will be holding a private screening of Summer In February next month. The publicity pdf shares several photos from the film, including this one of Dan. 


National Sporting Library

For anyone interested, I emailed for information regarding this event in Middleburg, VA. Tickets start at $500 per person for just the screening. There's a reception with the producers & others for sponsors starting at $10,000. The exhibit opens 24 April & runs through September. Admission to the library is free.

 Thanks for that! We just

 Thanks for that! We just need a whip round now...

Such a ...

lovely picture of Dan! Absolutely the quintessential British gentleman! I so hope that "Summer in February" will be shown here in the USA as well, one can never have too much of a very, very good thing.
from the USAl

I agree

I hope the file "Summer in February" gets released in the U.S.

So sad I won't get to see this

So sad & disappointed that I won't get to see this - maybe they could make a DVD of Jeremy Cowdrey's presentation? I would buy one!
I do wish them well with it though - I am so looking forward to seeing this film.

Summer in February event with Jeremy Cowdrey talk

Agree with previous comment. ( Already committed for these two dates,) maybe, as you suggest, someone could record this event and then post it on website.? Many of us will not be able to partake, but have a keen interest!!. PG

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