Summer In February: MSN meets Dan video & new Radio Times interview

A new interview with Dan for Radio Times has been posted online.

Indeed, Stevens’ manner is so polite and considered as he fields my questions that it would be easy to assume he resembles the former, although his childhood memories of acting for Smith whilst at school hints at something of a young ladies’ man. “If you were half decent at acting you had the chance to be shipped out to the local girls school and be in their plays which was awesome. Essentially it was a good way to get out of Tonbridge and meet girls. Acting has kind of remained for me a good way of getting out of Tonbridge and meeting girls. That’s where it all started.”

And another lovely video interview with Dan has been uploaded by MSN.



So glad these interviews are made available to us here in the US, Dan is always fascinating to listen to and watch. I have never seen anyone who can make" casual" look so elegant and classy, and he seems so comfortable in his own skin. His charm is bone deep.
from the USA

Oh yes! Another good interview.

Oh yes! Another good interview.

Always a real pleasure to listen to Dan.

Thank you

MSN interview

Amazing interview. What a classy guy. I SO hope this movie shows in Canada.

So do I! Vancouver would LOVE

So do I! Vancouver would LOVE it!

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