Summer In February: new film

Journalist Baz Bamigboye is reporting that Dan will be filming Summer In February, an adaptation of the Jonathan Smith novel, in the new year. Google the Daily Mail for more of the article from Baz. There is a website for the film already where you can find more background details and sign-up for updates. A recent email from them also confirmed the filming news.  

Dan mentioned Jonathan and the film in his recent article for TES.

I have never lost touch with Jonathan. He comes to see me whenever I am on stage and in recent years, too, we have worked together on several occasions. He gave up his job as head of English at Tonbridge to pursue his career as a writer. Just recently, I did a Radio 4 play that he wrote, and we’re trying to adapt one of his six novels - Summer In February, which is about the painter Alfred Munnings.

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