Summer In February: now on UK iTunes

Summer In February fans may wish to know that the film is now available to download from UK iTunes. Fans in the US won't lose out if they create a UK iTunes account. 


Congratulations to Benjamin Wallfisch for his nomination

Congratulations to Benjamin Wallfisch for his nomination for the recent World Soundrack Academy Awards 2013 for his score for "Summer In February". Although he did not win this year's award he was nevertheless a very worthy contender and his score for the film is beautiful and quite brilliant.
There is a little feature about Ben and the music, on the Summer In February DVD, which is very well worth watching.

Good news but be aware..

This is VERY GOOD NEWS as it is a really beautiful film. However, be aware that the download from iTunes is just the film, whereas the DVD also has some really excellent Special Features such as interviews with Dan, Dominic Cooper, Emily Browning, Jonathan Smith, David Evans (Gilbert's son) talking to producer Jeremy Cowdrey, plus some 'behind the scenes looks' at the art, the actual shooting, a montage and also the really excellent little video about the score of Benjamin Wallfisch.
I have to say that I found some of these Special Features as moving and engrossing as the film itself.
Ok, I am biased, I am a big Dan fan, but this is one of those very special films that has been made with passion and perseverance. It is truly beautiful and one of the most heartbreaking films I have ever seen (and there have been many over many years!). I am quite certain that it will be well regarded and treasured by many in years to come, not just a 'one-off' box office biggie that commands attention for only a few months!

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