Summer In February: One Show, Day Break, Guardian & Female First interviews

Summer In February: One Show, Day Break, Guardian & Female First interviews

Dan has been busy with the press for Summer In February which is released tomorrow! UK viewers can watch his interview from yesterday evening's One Show on BBC1, which is available now on iPlayer.

Dan was up early today to appear on ITV's Day Break, which is also available to watch again on the ITV Day Break website. The Guardian have another video intervew with Dan on their website, while the BBC has another. 

Female First shared their interview with Dan online.

As you said you are serving as producer on this film so how have you found that side of things?

Yes it is my first time producing a film. It has been really exciting to develop the script and to see the story evolve and change; we take elements from real life and elements from the book and some we leave. It was very exciting building such a lovely cast and we were so lucky to get all of the actors that we got in the end. Hattie Morahan is one of the leading actresses in this country and she is going to be a huge star in the future. She played Laura Knight so beautifully. In post production being very intimately involved with the actual shaping of the film and the look and the sound was also great. It is something that has really ignited a desire to do more behind the camera.


Will the interview....

Be available for the US? Sounds like a wonderful one, right now it says only for viewing in the UK.

Video of Dan on BBC1 The One Show

For those of us in the US who cannot view the BBC1 video from the link posted below the photo of Dan & his BBC1 hosts, here's the link of the video I found on YouTube.

Do watch it! Dan is so relaxed and funny. Best of luck for a box-office hit for "Summer in February."

Click on the link below to view Dan on "BBC1 The One Show" - he talks about his new film, his Downton exit, and a funny story about his swimming test as a youth in Wales!

One of the best!

Just got to watch the BBC1 interview, what a delight! Dan so relaxed, his easy charm and comfort so evident. Loved the bit with Jonathan Smith especially. Thank you, Thank you for the link
jfrom the USA


Dan is a delight to listen to, he has such a naturalness, an ease of manner, and still that thoughtful intelligence. Of course, It doesn't hurt at all that he is mighty easy on the eyes! Thanks for making this available to us.
from the USA

All well worth watching!

All these interviews are well worth watching, and there are a few recent radio ones as well that can be heard still. Richard Bacon, & Simon Mayo.

All the best for the release day tomorrow for "Summer In February". I have been lucky enough to see it once already, but once is not enough! A beautiful film!


Dan's on at the very end of Daybreak, for those watching on iPlayer. Hope this saves you from sitting through loads of adverts!

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