Summer In February Region 2 DVD available to pre-order

Summer In February Region 2 DVD available to pre-order

Summer In February fans can now pre-order the Region 2 DVD from Amazon UK. It will be released on October 14th. 

Fans outside the UK, who want to watch it, may wish to consider purchasing a very inexpensive multi-region DVD player. 


Summer in February DVD

I ordered mine on June 17th . I guess I happened to find that it was available almost on the ist day of release .I just got an email saying that the date it was to be shipped has been changed to a later date,but still in October. Can't wait to see this film. I am having a Summer in Feb party and my friends all coming bringing food and wine. It should be a great evening at the movies.

Summer in Feburary

To add to the last post I ordered this as I said ,in June and I do live in the US,so it is available here.

Soon I hope!

That It will be released in the USA, would so love to enjoy this beautiful, intelligent film. Loved the book.
jfrom the USA

Well Worth the Wait

After a long wait 'Summer in February' came to our cinema in rural U.K. and we weren't disappointed.
The three tragically entangle lovers were deftly played: ably supported by Hattie Morahan as Laura Knight, the delightfully jolly, empathetic 'big sister' to them all. The wonderfully evocative music and the glorious Cornish scenery contributed to this beautifully crafted poignant film based on a true story.

As the credits rolled, the lady next to me murmured "What a little gem of a film!" I do so agree.

If you can't get to see it, do buy the DVD when it comes out - its one to treasure. The lovely music from the soundtrack is already available.

I predict that Dan's American fans will love it. Hope they can get it soon. V.W.

Re: "Well Worth the Wait"...."Bravo!"

I absolutely agree. Everything about this film is rather special, the story itself, the setting , the actors and the sublime music.
I suspect that it may take a while before it is generally accepted as a true 'gem' of a film, as rather undeservedly, some critics gave it a bit of a bashing, but in truth I do wonder how many of them actually saw it as so many just seemed to repeat the cliched comments. However, I am sure that in time, it will come to be regarded as a very fine and memorable 'classic'.
I have been fortunate enough to see it several times on the big screen, but I am still looking forward, very much, to receiving the DVD. The CD of Ben Wallfisch's score is an absolute joy to listen to and can be as emotionally powerful as the film itself.
I am so happy and grateful that all those involved with getting the film off the ground and onto our screens achieved their goal. Bravo!

Only in the UK and Europe?

I certainly hope that this DVD will be given a multi-region release and not just confined to Region 2 on October 14th.

Oooh! This IS good news!

Great news.....I hope that our friends in the USA will also be able to see it soon.

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