Summer In February: released in cinemas today!

Summer In February: released in cinemas today!

Dan was on Magic FM this morning promoting Summer In February which is released in UK cinemas today, and The Spectator has posted a lovely review.

Art is sexy these days, so Munnings is played by Dominic Cooper, irrepressible as an electric eel and twice as dangerous (to himself as much as to his friends), while his rival is the marvellously restrained Gilbert Evans, expressively played by Downton star Dan Stevens.


Another Fine Article in...

Radio Times, including "why acting is a good way to meet girls", and why he can't find a good curry in New York. (I'm sure its got to be there somewhere, but...whatever brings you home, laddie!)


What a great review, I loved the book so much, and am eager to see the film. Anything handled with such respect and reverence for the original story should be perfect. It will be a wait here in the States, of course, but things of real quality are more than worth the wait. With Dan's innate taste and intelligence, I believe we can look forward to his varied and fascinating career. Keep bringing us the good stuff, Dan!
from the USA

A pleasing review - & how right!

I was delighted to read this thoughtful and considered review, and can say, having been lucky enough to see Summer In February earlier this week, that it is indeed, a truly beautiful and memorable film.
I hope that I will be able to see it again quite soon, and certainly the DVD will be on my Christmas list.

Summer In February

I read the book a short time ago and was moved by the true story of this beautiful woman and the two men in her life.
Saw the film last night and it is indeed (almost) true to the novel. Quintessentially English and beautifully acted , Lamorna is a wonderful place in Cornwall , and the stunning photography and music bring it more alive on the screen.
Dan plays Gilbert Evans with his own wonderful sense of gentleness and manners and I am sure Mr Evans family can be nothing but proud of the way in which he has been portrayed by "Our Dan".
Excellent !

Dan Stevens


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