Summer In February: Royal Academy screening

To celebrate the launch of the film ‘Summer in February’ the Royal Academy of Arts has teamed up with Metrodome, for an exclusive film screening in the stunning galleries of the Summer Exhibition on Saturday 15 June 2013 at 7pm.

Tickets are £19.50. For more details, visit the Royal Academy website.  


Hope that it will be screened in local cinemas

I hope that it is going to be screened in 'local' cinemas soon - as yet no dates available except for special events, galleries & film festivals.

release in local cinemas

I understood it was on general release as from 14th June 2013. Hope I am right for your sake and mine PG!

Haven't found one yet!

Perhaps the term 'general release' does not mean the same as it once did! I haven't yet found a 'local' cinema or chain of cinemas, that is scheduled to screen it in June. Those I have contacted have stated that it is unlikely, so I just wondered whether anyone else had any information. I am aware that some galleries and film festivals will be showing it though!

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