Summer In February screening at the Dublin Film Festival

Summer In February will be be screened this afternoon at 15.30pm at the Dublin International Film Festival. Details of the screening can be found on the film festival website.





Wish I was there!

Oooh! I wish that I was in Dublin. I am looking forward to seeing this, very much indeed. I loved the book and have heard that the film has been very well received so far, at the private screenings.

Wish I was there.

The reviews from the private sessions have been very positive. The 3 major cast players Emma Browning, Dominic Cooper and Dan Stevens were given high praise by the critics for their individual performances as was the cinematographic direction provided by Christopher Menaul.

I hope that it does the International Film Festival Circuit.

Summer in February

Positive reviews and good news re. this long awaited movie. Do hope it reaches our screens soon. I can hardly wait. P.G

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