Summer In February, Swallows & Amazons - new PA interview and photos

Summer In February, Swallows & Amazons - new PA interview and photos

Photos of Dan attending a couple of events today have been uploaded to Getty Images. More lovely photos from the recent London premiere have also appeared online. 

The Press Association uploaded a video interview with Dan from the Summer In February press junket. 

Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens has relocated to Brooklyn for now - but he'll be returning to England this summer to film an adaptation of the much-loved children's book Swallows and Amazons.


A lovely review & article

Don't be deterred, don't miss it!

Please don't be deterred by some of the negative comments about the film "Summer In February", please don't miss the chance to see it on the big screen! If you have read the book it is an absolute must, if you haven't then please do, it is a magical book that will 'stay with you' for a very long time.
It is a truly wonderful film, very beautifully shot and all the cast play their roles admirably. It is film that has obviously been made with passion and commitment. There are not many truly British, independent films of its genre made today.
Of course it is a joy to see Dan in another role - yes, ok, he may look a bit like a tousled Matthew Crawley, but his Welsh accent and manner differentiates between the two very well.
I have seen the film twice now, and have loved it on both occasions. I am delighted that it got to the 'big screen' after so many years of work by the production team - Jeremy Cowdrey, Jonathan Smith and of course Dan, were all behind it 100% of the time.
Well done to all, and I hope that others will enjoy it as much as I did.


Thank you for it! I don't know when or if SIF will come to the US, but I have high hopes it will. Or at the least I may acquire the DVD. I have learned over time, to take all the "critics" comments with a large grain of salt, wether it be of a book, a film, or a musician. This film will be quality I know, done with taste and respect for the wonderful book. Can't wait to enjoy it!
from the USA


Available to pre-order from Amazon UK for early October release.

This IS great news!


So very glad "Summer in February" will be available on Amazon UK DVD, hopefully compatible with our system here in the US. The photos of Dan And Susie on the Getty site are beautiful, Susie looks stunning, and of course, Dan is the perfect "accessory"!! On a side note, Congratulations to Justin Rose winning the US Open Golf tournament, the announcers here kept describing him as one of the "most well-liked golfers on tour". Another English gentleman it seems!
from the USA

 Thanks for this!

 Thanks for this!

Thank you and more - so much to enjoy!

Thank you for the links - what a great selection of photos on the Getty site, and so good to see Dan and his wife Susie 'out & about' together.
I am fascinated & intrigued as to how Dan will play the role of Captain Flint in the forthcoming production of "Swallows & Amazons". Having heard his readings of fictional books aimed at younger readers, I have no doubt he will find just the right way.
So with "Summer In February" now on release, (seen once and hoping to see again soon), "The Fifth Estate" and "Walk Among The Tombstones" in the pipeline, and four new audiobooks due for release later this year, there is much yet to enjoy. Oh, I nearly forgot, Dan's reading of "Letters from Everest" and the book "The Authors XI" to which he contributed a chapter, are available now and highly recommended, and there will be yet another role, in the film "The Guest".
All in all, that's quite a lot for one year!

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