Summer In February: trailer & poster online

Summer In February: trailer & poster online

A poster and trailer for the film have appeared online. The trailer has subtitles and it isn't clear whether either the trailer or the poster are official, but they look wonderful.



And when the trailer will be published again? When it is done, so why is forbidden?


Metrodome released the official trailer today - 10th April. . It can be seen on Youtube.

Re Trailer question

Presumably it will be shown properly, shortly before the release of the film, UK June 14th 2013. The trailer shown was apparently a pirated, unauthorised leak, and had Chinese subtitles! Fortunately I did manage to see it a few times before it was removed, and I can only say "Wow, that looks like it is going to be a truly wonderful film experience!". I am really looking forward to seeing this.

Re Trailer Question

Me too. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to see this trailer several times before it was pulled. I am really looking forward to seeing this movie... it looked absolutely wonderful.

Metrodome embargo

What a pity. I do hope that you did not get into any trouble for putting up the trailer.

You have done Meterodome a great favour by increasing the desire for people to see this beautiful movie.

Thank you.

 I didn't upload it, just

 I didn't upload it, just embedded from someon else's upload. No worries :)


Don't know the story; haven't read the book, but from this intro, I will see the movie if it is released to the US or Amazon.

A truly romantic drama

Looks just marvelous, I do hope it will be released in the US as well. Dan Stevens will be the perfect Gilbert Evans, a role he can get his emotional acting range into. Can't wait!
From the US

Release date in the US

I have not seen anything about Summer in February in the US. I hope they release it soon after the release in the UK.
Any idea when the video will be released?

Summer in February

Read the book - tragic romance beautifully written. The trailer looks fantastic and whets the appetite for seeing the film. David Evans, Gilbert Evans son, whom Dan met, is quoted as saying that he was delighted and moved by how Dan portrayed his father.. My problem is that although the film is due for release on 14th June, my local cinema in Wales hasn't got it listed on its new brochure which runs until August. Can anyone advise me how to chase them to show it?

Unofficial release?

Going by the Chinese text on screen this is probably not an official trailer, but I have to say that it does look to be an amazing film. I am looking forward to seeing the real thing.

Summer in February

Oh! This looks wonderful. I DO hope it is shown my the local theatre.

A Real Treat in Store

I have read the novel by Jonathan Smith and I just loved it.... the word pictures are exquisite and the story-line is both poignant and enthralling.

My advice to anyone who is intending to read the novel is to do so before you see this movie as poetic licence has been exercised in bringing this novel to the screen.

The short trailer has certainly increased my desire to see this movie. It looks fantastic.


At last, a little bit more to see of Summer In February.... I am looking forward to seeing this very much indeed. The book is terrific, I suspect the film will be brilliant.

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