Summer In February: Tribeca Film & WWD interviews

Summer In February: Tribeca Film & WWD interviews

Two new interviews with Dan, promoting the US release of Summer In February have appeared online. Read them in full on the original sites.

Tribeca: You’ve appeared in period dramas, horror comedies, and really wonderful literary adaptations. Is there any genre you’d like to tackle, but haven’t had the opportunity, yet?

DS: [laughs] Lots, I’m sure. Maybe something set in the future. It would be quite fun to do something in space.

Tribeca: You’ve recently completed The Guest from TFF alumni and accomplished indie filmmakers Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett. The film—an action/thriller—is a different experience for them as it is for you. What was your reaction to the project?

DS: I was really excited to get to work with Adam and Simon. I thought You’re Next was phenomenal in terms of how it played with genre. They seemed like incredibly smart filmmakers, and they are. It was great to dive into a different kind of project with them. It was incredibly fun to play with and hopefully, it’ll surprise people. TRIBECA FILM


As for Stevens’ departure from “Downton,” which created an enormous controversy on both sides of the Atlantic, he says mildly that now he is just “exploring other avenues, I think.” The actor, for instance, appeared in “The Heiress” on Broadway in 2012, opposite Jessica Chastain. “That was really just magical, a dream come true,” he says of the experience. “A warm and likeable community, such a stunning cast, a lucky introduction to New York, and I have stayed on…” Asked about his favorite actors and actresses, he says, “It changes every time I see something. I admire a lot of actors.”

He does, however, single out Hattie Morahan, who plays artist Laura Knight in “Summer in February.” The historical Knight went on to become a noted British painter and a Dame Commander of the British Empire. Stevens studied at Cambridge, rather than attending, say, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. “I liked the fact of being surrounded by a lot of brilliant minds, not all of whom wanted to become actors, writers or directors,” he says. “There were doctors, scientists — there’s really everything student-generated. You just get stuck in. It’s not institutionalized in that sense. It nurtures a passion for it [acting], instead of perhaps killing it. I came out even more enthusiastic.”

Other recent projects include “A Walk Among the Tombstones,” set in Brooklyn in 1991. He’s currently recording an audio book of the Robert Fitzgerald translation of “The Iliad.” Stevens will also appear in “Night at the Museum 3,” which, he says, “is going to be a lot of fun.” WWD


Enjoyed his performance in

Enjoyed his performance in "The Heiress" and "Summer in February". Anxious for the release of "The Iliad".

Hattie Morahan

The BBC production of Sense and Sensibility was a great vehicle to showcase the talents of both Dan Stevens and Hattie Morahan.

Dan Stevens


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