Summer In February: uConnect has taken on worldwide sales

Summer In February: uConnect has taken on worldwide sales

The Hollywood Reporter has shared news that uConnect, the sales division of Belgium-based uMedia has taken on worldwide sales duties for Summer In February.

Headed by veteran international sales guru and former Lakeshore high flier Peter Rogers, uConnect will be charged with finding distributors for the low-budget British independent film.

Box Office Mojo has reported on the takings for Summer In February during it's very limited opening weekend and the Radio Times has a lovely new travel guide to Summer In February. 

Penguin Channels are launching a new series of Roald Dahl recordings narrated by actors including Kate Winslet and Dan. Not sure which books Dan has narrated.

The publisher has worked with Pinewood Film Studios to develop unique sound effects to accompany the narration. The starry recordings feature well-known names such as Stephen Fry, David Walliams, Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig, with the 16 CDs being released between June and September. The first versions—including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and The BFG—came out on 6th June, and the other titles, including James and the Giant Peach, The Twits, The Witches and Going Solo, are lined up for release on 25th July and 5th September, ahead of Roald Dahl Day on 13th September. Prices range from £9.99 to £12.99, with digital downloads to be released at a later date.


I took a little totter.....Summer In February.....

I took a little totter through twitter today - really just to see what people were saying, if anything, about Summer In February. It appears to be pretty evenly balanced - some love it, some don't! Well, each to their own, that's fine. However, I did find many of the negative so-called 'reviews' that were referred to, were very similar in their manner of writing, descriptive references, etc and could well have been cut & pasted and perhaps then tweaked! Maybe this is how 'reviewers' write now - shame that so little attention is paid to checking for factual errors, and making original comments. It is also a shame that some find it necessary to make their comments in a vehemently unpleasant and impolite tone.
Some have even expressed their dislike of the music and photography - to me the former is beautiful and very moving, the latter is also beautiful and quite captivating - but then who am I to say?
If you want to know, I loved the film. I have seen it twice and would happily see it again.
Furthermore, if you haven't read the book please reconsider - it is am amazing story!

Finally, I should like to applaud those who made the journey with this production to get it onto the big screen. It was a herculean effort by a small, independent group of believers! Well done all!

Good to know, & more great news about the film music

Good to know about the uConnect pick up.

Also very good to know that the Summer In February soundtrack is available to download on iTunes and the CD is due to be released tomorrow. Wonderful music - really rather special!

Summer in February news fromHollywood Reporter

This is exciting news for everyone involved. Its the quality and sincerity and subject that is so very appealing about this beautiful film. Wishing it every success. PG

Re. Box Office ratings & a future 'classic'.

I don't know much about how these ratings work, but achieving the No.11 spot seems to be quite encouraging. Let's remember that unlike "Man Of Steel" made by Warner Bros at an estimated cost of $225,000,000, "Summer In February" was made by a small, independent at an estimated cost of £5,000,000 - not quite a level playing field!

I suspect that "Summer In February" will be a film that endures, one that will still be viewed with fondness and interest in many years to come, it may even become a "classic". A consideration that may well not apply to the likes of "Man Of Steel".

opening at no. 11 is quite

opening at no. 11 is quite bad especially since many of the movies in the top 10 are movies that have been out for weeks. and the per screen average is really dismal. i think dan and jeremy would be very disappointed by this unfortunately. i was hoping it would do better but with the kind of opening numbers and also the disappointing critic reviews, i don't think it will ever make it to the usa. sad. i know we all like dan but there is no use trying to make it look like summer in february was a success , as it was not sadly. all the best to dan's future projects though.

also there is no need to put down other movies to prop up summer in february...

Are you @julespaxton on

Are you @julespaxton on twitter? Just wondering...

Re: opening.....

As has been said before, success does not mean the same thing to all people.
A low budget, independent film can hardly be accurately compared to a big multi million dollar production.
The film will not appeal to all people, neither will some of the current blockbusters, but of course the majority of cinema goers will opt for the latter, that is just the way it is!
It is a truly wonderful film, and I, for one, am so pleased to have been able to see this story come to the big screen.
I applaud all those who were brave and resilient enough to make it happen.


The expense of a film has nothing whatever to do with the quality of it. Most "blockbuster" types appeal to and are directed at the young and the restless, and come and go with a season. And meanwhile, we hunger for excellent acting, and a beautiful story well told, ala Summer in February.
rom the USA


This means Summer in February will be shown here in the States. If so, couldn't be better news!
from the US

Will it come to China?!!

hi丹丹龙!!!Is there any chances it comes to China?!!!! And we haven't seen you for a long time!!

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