Summer In February UK cinema details & James Dimmock photoshoot

Summer In February UK cinema details & James Dimmock photoshoot

The Summer In February Facebook Page has listed details of all UK cinemas which will show Summer In February following its release on 14th June. 

As you know I will never post a link to certain news publications on here, so this is a little late really, but an alternative source for the gorgeous recent photos by James Dimmock has appeared. The Kate Ellis Agency shared this large magazine cover on twitter, and 2 more lovely photos have been uploaded to the agency website. 


Film reviews

I have been surprised to see a rather mixed bunch of reviews of the "Summer In February" film, ranging from poor to excellent! One thing that it is evident though, is that some of the reviewers are either lazy in regard to checking their facts, or at worst, have not even actually seen the film! One actually names Felicity Jones as playing the role of Florence!

Maybe it is naive of me, but I expect a film review to be exactly that! Not made up on the hoof, to fill column inches, as some appear to be. For myself, I can say that I am looking forward to seeing the film soon, and making my own judgements. I am not expecting a block-busting, sensational big-screen experience, more a thoughtful and well considered adaptation of a wonderful book.

Film Reviews

The Critics at the Dunlin International Film Festival gave a detailed review but possibly if one is wearing rose-coloured glasses their assessment of the movie may not appeal. Dan Stevens received the best review as far as acting went because of his experience in the genre of period drama and the fact that the character played was not dissimilar to his role in Downton Abbey. Emily Browning was described as being way out of her depth and they felt that Dominic Cooper's interpretation of AJ Munnings was rather restrictive and did not show Dominic Cooper's real talent. The adaptation of the novel to the screen in their opinion lacked the strength of the novel. The Direction was criticised. However the cinematography was rated as being outstanding.

The audience reception of the movie was very positive [ and in the final analysis it is the audience reception that can make or break a film.]

The small group of Producers that took the risk to produce this film with their very small Production Company were congratulated.

The Litmus test will be its release in the UK next week and whether it succeeds in bringing people to the Box Office the first weekend.

Thank you for this considered response

Thank you for this considered response - it would be most interesting to read the DIFF review if it is available to view.

As you say, the film will stand or fall once on general release. I hope that it does well, for all concerned.

A.J. Munnings & "Summer In February" BBC Radio 4 Front Row

BBC Radio 4 programme "Front Row" recently discussed A.J. Munnings & the film "Summer In February". Snippets of interview with Jonathan Smith and some brief extracts from the film. Well worth listening to on 'catch up' if you can.

 Thanks for that, shall grab

 Thanks for that, shall grab the link and post it! x

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