Summer In February: Verizon trailer and interview

A video interview with Dan, chatting about Summer In February has been shared on You Tube. The film can now be watched on, on demand through various providers, and also downloaded from iTunes. 


Thank you, what a delight...

to see Dan talking about Summer In February. It obviously means a lot to him. A really beautiful and memorable film.

What a beautiful movie !

I just watched this movie again on DVD...what a jewel. In the interview here and of course the movie Dan is all eloquence, intelligence, elegance and sweetness. How I look forward, a German fan, to all of his work still to come.

Hope for DVD

I haven't yet been able to see "Summer in February", have the DVD on order from Amazon and have my fingers crossed, because it sounds like the kind of film I will watch again and again! So agree with the above description of Dan, yes," eloquence, intelligence and sweetness" he manages to embody all of that in one very handsome package...
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Dan Stevens


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