Sunday Telegraph article by Dan

Dan wrote an article for Seven Magazine, in last weekend's Sunday Telegraph, where he examined the appeal of men in uniform to women. Thanks to Lorna for scanning, it is now in the galleries. 


Sunday teegraph article in Seven Magazine

The uniform "thing" as you call it will always attract women from all walks of life, but it can be deceiving. A man in uniform - officer status - can quicken a woman's heart, but its what lies beneath it. Peaked caps and Sam Browns are a delight to behold and one has been known to marry purely on this sight alone, and I speak fron experience - what a bitter experience this can be. Out of uniform - zero - but personality and kindness and a sense of humour - these are attributes that can be overlooked when a female casts an eye over a prospective partner. If this makes no sense at all - I do not apologize, merely state a fact.

Last sentence - for me -- made the whole article worth reading. Have to say that its only the Armed Forces uniforms that used to quicken my heart, and even then - missed out on an Earl. !! Foolish woman - looks are not everything PG.

 I know exactly what you

 I know exactly what you mean. I was a serving officer, and am married to one. ~K

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