Sunday Telegraph September column & Sunday Times interview

Sunday Telegraph September column & Sunday Times interview

Thank you for the heads up for this - there is an interview with Dan in this week's Sunday Times magazine, which can be accessed via their paywall.

In the interview "The Ascent of Dan" by Lynn Barber, Dan chats about Vamps, The Heiress, his family and the Booker Prize. The online interview is highly recommended, not least for the gorgeous photos of Dan by Paul Stuart.

So, to recap, this year he’s made his own film, acted in the third series of Downton, founded a magazine, and judged the Booker. He is also awaiting the premiere of Vamps, a Hollywood film he made with Alicia Silverstone last year, which is due for release this autumn. “It’s been the busiest year I can remember, actually — absolutely crazy. It’s not something I’ve always done. I mean, I’m naturally a bit more laid-back, but I do enjoy it. But I’ve been so lucky in that my wife has been incredibly understanding and supportive. Had that not been the case, things might not have been quite so easy.”

Yes, especially as the other big event back in May was the birth of their son Aubrey, a brother for three-year-old Willow. I muttered something about sleepless nights, but apparently he and his wife, Susie, refuse to let that faze them. “Some people do rather put the brakes on and turn all their attention on their children, but I like the fact that they just fit in, and seem fine and happy. And actually, Aubrey’s been very good.” Why Aubrey? “Partly for Aubrey Beardsley, but also for C Aubrey Smith, the cricketer who founded the Hollywood cricket club. I like interesting names. And I’d never met a Willow, never met an Aubrey — and now I have.”

Dan's September column for the Sunday Telegraph is also out today, and hopefully it will be available to read online this week. An interview with him for The Telegraph is available to read here

ETA - The Telegraph column can be read here


Dan and family!

Also welcome to New York CIty from me, Dan. Hope you and your family had a good trip. So happy you will be appearing in person in an American play- have tickets and will see you next month. If you have any question about the CIty let us all know and we will try to answer them!

Welcome Dan, Susie, Willow and Aubrey

What a lovely choice of name for the newest Stevens. And welcome to the States for all the family. Dan, though you will be playing an American in The Heiress, please don't lose that exquisite British accent of yours. I would miss it terribly. Downton #4, 5, or not, you have made a place for yourself in the hearts of all of us who love the series. Your family is so dear, please don't lose sight of "the things that matter and the things that don't". Best of luck in all your new ventures...and most of all...keep writing!!
from the USA

Stateside welcome

All the best for your time in the States - your dedicated fans here in the UK will miss you a great deal but will be rootin' for you over there. Enjoy your time and of course your family. Wishing you huge success with The Heiress and all the 'adventures' to come.

Dan Stevens


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