Sunday Telegraph June 2013 column

Sunday Telegraph June 2013 column

Dan's monthly column for the Sunday Telegraph appeared over the weekend, and thanks to Lorna for sending this scan. Dan muses about technology and Summer In February. 

Update: the column is also available on the Telegraph website.


There is more thought behind this than..

There is more thought behind this article than may be first apparent. Not so much a promotion of the music, whether it is to a personal liking or not, but more that it happened to be at the forefront of yet another digital transition in the presentation of entertainment.
Dan's observations are always thought provoking, and I liked those relating to film and cinema.
Thanks Dan, for another 'good read'.

Dan, why are you promoting trash?

First of all, I do not understand why you, Dan Stevens, are so enamored by this singing group and continually promotes them as the next big group. Yes, their music is good but the content is abominable. This group sings of the most horrible things imaginable. This is not entertainment in my book and I do not see why you are pushing this group like you do. Unless there is nothing in you that sees the wrong in listening to this horrible stuff which I find hard to believe since you are a loving father and husband. Don’t take my word for it; here is a link where the band leader discusses the song content.

Maybe He should listen to a little John Mayer

Since Dan is a husband and father, maybe he should check out this tune

So fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too

Daughters will love like you do, Dan

... promoting trash...????

One of the problems seems to be the inability of some people to accept the fact that the reality is that Dan Stevens may not be the squeaky clean, ever-so -polite and politically correct, conservative Matthew Crawley of Downton Abbey. His music tastes are eclectic and catholic. He has favourite be it!

Loved the column.

What would you call it

You have a point. I began following Dan because of his ever so polite manner as there is no one that I find in the entertainment world who would or will accept this role so I downloaded their album. As I am a musician I listen to the meanings of lyrics to go deeper than the beat and that is when I was horrified to find we call this entertainment. I cannot fathom anyone drinking a cold one listening to this and enjoying the sound of sticks beating out the tune knowing that the song is about gang rape ending in death by a broom stick. And another song about drowning a woman and putting blocks on her body to hold her down while she drowns. Matilda is about a suicide bomber exacting revenge. I've heard bad lyrics but putting rape and murder to music is not entertainment. I don't care who you are and how popular you are this is trash.. If you don't call this trash what would you call it.

What would you call it

Pure unadulterated trash.....glorifying gang rape and murder.

Makes you wonder if such a highly intelligent purveyor of word craft took the time to ponder the lyrics.


I believe the central theme of this column is how technology is changing how we interact with our world, whether the end result is an improvement or not. Perhaps you should re-read the column. You've totally misread it. BTW, please refrain from trash talking; it does nothing except show how misguided you are.

So let me get this straight.

So let me get this straight. You think I am the one trash talking when I merely provide a link to validate that this group is singing about horrible acts? My, my what a spin!

I follow Dan and read his writings and this is at least the third time he has promoted this group. "The crowd was behind them and so was I..." Is stating that you are behind the group is it not? I did not read "I am behind the technology"

Even if the music were great, this type lyric should note be promoted by someone of Dan's character. He is - I hope - better than this disgusting stuff and I'm appealing to him because there are a lot of people who follow him and he should be more responsible in what he is "behind".


So-did Dan watch Iron Man 3 in 3D (featuring his old Cambridge roommate Rebecca Hall) or Star Trek in 3D (with his fellow Downton Abbey hater/BF Benedict Cumberbatch)? He sounds jealous. Usually only big action movies are in 3D and I think it makes the special effects look way cooler. Why does Dan always write about Alt-J? I find it hard to believe this guy is 30 and went to Cambridge-because his writing sounds like a High School student writing about a band he saw drunk on the weekend.


Perhaps you need to re-read the column. I don't think any of your observations apply. It is a well written piece of commentary on the technological changes observed.


Don't know why anyone gets their rompers in a ruffle over either a difference of experience or opinion. I have found the 3-D techno-tricks., while amazing, very annoying. But it does suit the action heavy comic book films to a T. A fitting distraction to a lack of the even remotely believable. Perhaps in time they will refine it enough where we can forget the silly glasses.

Dan, a while back you wrote such a lovely poetic description of a frosty morning in Cornwall, while you were filming there. I can't wait to see Summer in February for a romantic, beautifully filmed, and wonderfully acted story. Oh, how we need more of those!
from the US

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What a wonderful relaxing read... With all our great technology we still have not advanced past the special glasses stage when viewing 3D movies..... a step back into the past.

Agree that the current 3D fad is not a creative decision at all but a nostalgic trip back into a less frenetic period in time when Saturday Matinees were a way of life in every Village Cinema.

Thank you

Thank you for this - much appreciated, as ever.
Dan always provides a "good read".

Dan Stevens


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