SuperMansion season 1 episode 10 on Crackle

SuperMansion season 1 episode 10 on Crackle

Dan is a guest voice in this week's episode of SuperMansion, now available on Crackle. Unfortunately the episode appears to be geoblocked, so it is difficult to ascertain which character Dan is voicing.

For those with access, the episode can be watched here on

SuperMansion S1 E10 / Babes In The Wood

Original | Not Rated | 21 min | Released: 11/26/2015 Audio: English | CC/Subtitles: English

Why It Crackles:

From the geniuses who laid Robot Chicken comes a Crackle Original of hapless superheroes starring Bryan Cranston. For official merchandise visit

Episode Description:

Rex and Ranger’s peaceful camping trip does not go as planned when the rest of the League tags along. Rex waits for the perfect time to talk to reveal a dark secret to Ranger while Saturn hides his relationship with Lex. Jewbot goes offline and Cooch learns that she does not do well in nature.

Series Description:

From the sick minds that hatched Robot Chicken comes the newest Crackle Original Series. Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) voices Titanium Rex, the leader of a hapless team of superheroes turned mansion roommates. Also stars Seth Green (Family Guy), Keegan-Michael Key (Key & Peele), Jillian Bell (Workaholics) and Chris Pine (Star Trek).

Genres: Comedy, Crackle

Original Cast: Bryan Cranston, Seth Green, Keegan-Michael Key, Zeb Wells, Nick Kroll, Dan Stevens

Directors: Zeb Wells


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