Telegraph & Express interviews

Telegraph & Express interviews

The Telegraph has an interview with Dan, in which he discusses the appeal of Downton Abbey to a wide range of viewers, and briefly describes Vamps as “a romantic comedy with fangs.”

Blame his education, says Stevens, who was a boarder throughout his adolescence at Tonbridge School, followed by three years reading English at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he hung out with the Footlights set. “I came out of the wash, I suppose, appearing to be much more upper class than I really am. But when people accuse me of being really posh, I think, 'Hang on a minute. No, I’m not!’”

In reality, Stevens, now 28, was born in Croydon to a mother who he has never known, and was swiftly adopted by two teachers. Genetically speaking, he has no idea from where he is descended, never having wanted to track down his birth mother. Still, he says, the parents who loved and raised him were not upper class. “My dad’s family were pretty working class, actually.” His mother, for example, was a cleaner. “Her father was an architect, so one of the professional middle classes.” But definitely no blue blood.

There is also an interview with Dan in The Express where he talks about the trenches.

Downton’s producers recreated the killing fields for the war scenes and Stevens says: “The whole experience of filming in the trenches was extraordinary and overwhelming and very, very difficult. until we got there I found it impossible even to conceive what life could have been like, then we got on set and the atmosphere... the horrific conditions...” “I’m reading a book by John Lewis-Stempel called Six Weeks, the average life expectancy of a soldier of my class fighting on the front line. It is disturbing not only because of what these guys went through, but also because my chances of surviving the war are not looking good.”


How intrusive.

The comment about Dan Steven's birth parents and somebody's crazy personal theory are in my view hugely offensive and intrusive. From my personal knowledge, adoption is a very emotional and private family matter and not a subject for so called fans to speculate on. Kindly desist.

Hear! Hear!

Hear! Hear!

As is marriage and sexuality

...Yet fans are forever speculating on the relationship/breakup/divorce/gay/straight statuses of all sorts of famous people. Unfortunately, it this appears to be the "price" celebrities "pay" for attaining a certain level of fame in these days of superstardom: suddenly, no subject is deemed "too emotional or private", to be speculated upon, adoption matters included.

Dan Stevens birth parents

Maybe a crazy idea, but when I heard him say something in Downton, I thought he sounded just like Hugh Grant. Hehas the same shape mouth and eyes....makes one wonder. I sketch portraits, so i looked at Hugh in Four Weddings...anythingis possile, I suppose. It could be the acting in his DNA.

I have a personal theory that

I have a personal theory that he has some German blood in him.

Dan Stevens


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