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The Vortex

As Nicky, Dan Stevens bears an uncanny physical resemblance to Coward himself – tall, elegant, hair swept back in a silken coiffure – but his piano-playing is a little too obviously recorded (“Shall I woo you with a little Scryabin?”) and he is not as stoned or as damned (“I’m afraid I’m a little beyond aspirin”) as was Rupert Everett in Philip Prowse’s sensational 1989 production. But Stevens has star quality and charisma, no question.

What's On Stage Michael Coveney Feb 2008


The Romans In Britain

Of course it's that particular scene that has surrounded so much of the buzz around this revival, so it does demand some individual attention. The scene is still shocking, less in the nudity and more in the nonchalance of the Roman officers, as what they see as an antidote for boredom destroys the life of a young Druid (a superb Dan Stevens)

MusicOMH Feb 2006

And Dan Stevens as the hapless Druid who gets raped by the Romans in the water suffers stoically.

The Guardian Michael Billington Feb 2006

Dan Stevens


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