Upcoming voiceover

Upcoming voiceover

Lotas Productions shared a picture of Dan on their Facebook page - he was in the studio recording a network promo voiceover session.

Jim Kennelly, the owner of Lotas, commented about working with Dan.

Really nice.Genuine. Brilliant voice. Easy to direct. Still watches and loves DA [Downton Abbey]. They are all his friends.


Looks as if....

Dan is in full and handsome "Lochinvar " mode! I wish I knew how to find and share with all this voice over. I am currently immersed in Dan's recording of "Frankenstein", totally brilliant indeed!

Did they mention what network?

Any idea what network this is for? I can keep my ears peeled and if I see it will certainly try to post or at least let everyone know what it was for.


Sounds interesting

This sounds interesting, but I presume that it will only be available in USA to see/hear. So, if any kind soul could somehow capture it & put it on YouTube or something, for us UK fans, that would be great!
Even if this is not possible, do let us know more about the network promo!

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