Vamps: US release on DVD and iTunes

Vamps: US release on DVD and iTunes

Vamps was finally released in the US on DVD and Blu-ray this week, and is available to download from US iTunes. There is a rather nice review on Variety for the film.

In an era transfixed by zombies and assorted other ghouls, "Vamps" is a refreshing change of pace, with an irresistible cast and, for all its past-focused asides (including clips from "Metropolis," "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" and "Nosferatu"), a rather pointed message about living in a culture that seems unlikely to inspire much nostalgia any time in the future.

Tech credit are terrific, even though a few of the effects -- Stacy crawling bug-like down the side of an apartment building, for instance -- seem intended to elicit laughs rather than awe. The music, as usual for a Heckerling movie, is always just right.

Audio Go tweeted some great news about Casino Royale, which was narrated by Dan.



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