Vogue Italia July 2012 article and photoshoot

Vogue Italia July 2012 article and photoshoot

The Vogue Italia website has an article and photoshoot by Timur Celikdag of Dan, from the July / August 2012 issue. 

Downton Abbey has been shortlisted in the 2012 TV Choice awards. Winners will be announced in September, but viewers can vote for it on the TV choice website.

Don't forget that The Old Ways, the book of the week currently being broadcast daily on BBC Radio 4, can also be found to listen again on BBC iPlayer for 7 days. 


Done, but...

Voted for Downton, but I think it is infandous that after so many happy birthdays to others from Dan on twitter (not that I personally tweet) that he didn't give the USA a happy birthday wish today....maybe it's just a British thing. Recently I heard a Brit refer to the Revolutionary War as "the uprising".....236 years later it is still a hard loss for Britain to bear perhaps....but this American does love England very much and Dan's gorgonizing British accent! Disclaimer:This comment is not meant to be recumbentibus.

The Southern Teacher

done but....


Vogue picture

Thank you for posting that lovely shot of Dan in Italian suited splendor, but I suspect he could wear bib overalls and make them look classy.

from the USA

Dan Stevens


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