Wall Street Journal interview

Wall Street Journal interview

The Wall Street Journal website has an interview with Dan from The Big British Invite. Read it in full on the website. More photos from the event can be found on this site

Speakeasy: It’s been some time since the ‘Downton’ finale aired in America. Were you surprised by any of the reactions? Or how upset people here were, given that many chose to avoid spoilers?

Dan Stevens: Did they not? I don’t know… I guess a lot of people didn’t (read spoilers)… It upset people in the U.K. more because it aired on Christmas Day and you’re not supposed to die on a TV show on Christmas Day. There’s some sort of unwritten rule, I think.

Speakeasy: What’s been your favorite fan reaction to the show?

Dan Stevens: One of the nice things about being part of the show is that people say they watch it together. People get together with their mom, their grandmom to go watch it. That’s one of the nice things about Sunday night TV. So you get a lot of letters saying its brought families and relationships closer together, which is sweet.



the wonderful interviews etc made available to us. I simply ignore the apparent rush of criticism directed at Dan for simply continuing his future career. I expect a man of his intelligence to weather it all just fine. He has many roles to play, I feel sure, and he will bring to them the same touch of class and enormous talent he lured us with in Downton. One thing that amuses me though, I do wonder how his children reacted to the "new look" Daddy! One must always take with the proverbial grain of salt what is written in "celebrity" columns, but one consistency that shines through in those about Dan Stevens, he behaves and reacts as a gentleman. The subways are a better place because of him!!! Bless you and yours, Dan.
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I love that Dan continues to lead as much a normal life as he can. His approach to life, I think, is to carry on with things, and avoid the pitfalls of so many others. To continue to live life as normally as you can takes away the public's tendency to see him as larger than life. Driving to and fro in a black limo attracts much more attention than stepping off a subway.

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These press articles/interviews are always interesting to read, although we, the readers, never really know the actual truth/reality of the statements and comments. Without knowing the questions put by the interviewers and seeing the body language and hearing the lingual tones and emphases in the replies, it is hard to judge and evaluate.
Sadly Dan often seems to attract very heated debates and comments after such press reports. To me these seem harsh and ill-founded. The recent interview by Jessica Brown Findlay in the Telegraph seemed to express much the same sentiments and reasons for leaving as Dan's, but has not, apparently, been rewarded by strong criticism and bad feeling.
I am very pleased to have enjoyed three wonderful seasons of Downton Abbey, with Dan playing a significant role. I have enjoyed listening and watching much of his work prior to Downton Abbey, and I look forward to his future projects with great enthusiasm. I understand and appreciate his decision to move on and feel that he is undeservedly harangued for doing so. He signed for three years, he completed three years and at the time he confirmed his intention to stick to that arrangement, ie before the filming of Series 3 had begun, it was not even certain that there would be any further series of Downton Abbey.

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