Which film have you enjoyed recently?


Sick violence

Didn't enjoy this film one bit. Liam Neeson just wooden and Dan's role, although well acted, wasn't believable. Felt uncomfortable watching. Much prefered The Guest.

recent film I enjoyed

I am a female who enjoys action movies. Loved The Guest. Who knew Mr. Stevens could play such a BADASS! Nicely done.

New role?

Having heard Dan sing Evermore and seen him in Night at the Museum 3, wonder if Arthur in Camelot could be a future possibility?

Evermore put me in mind of the great Richard Harriss in this role

Sir Lancelot

I would love to see him as Sir Lancelot in a remake of Camelot with Michelle Dockery as Guinevere (Vanessa Redgrave's role) she has a beautiful voice and we now know Dan can carry a tune and of course their chemistry is palpable from DA

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

Dan for sale...

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