Which film have you enjoyed recently?



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I'll take the photograph yet do lose that cap Dan. I know you cherish caps yet this is one too far !!! Have delighted in all the news and film paving the way to the opening of Do My Paper For Me Beauty and the Beast at Spencer House. Had a few little notes from Emma, yet none from you!


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My Favorite was The Guest. I have seen it twice and it was great) dissertationmark.co.uk)

Sick violence

Didn't enjoy this film one bit. Liam Neeson just wooden and Dan's role, although well acted, wasn't believable. Felt uncomfortable watching. Much prefered The Guest.

I think a night at the museum

I think a night at the museum 3 is the best film in this week. The reason is that the character of this movie is so cool and the story is also so heavy. This film earns the money at the box office. The guest is also good film but according to me the second best film. Just visit this www.bestdissertation.com website and get quality task from our native writers.

recent film I enjoyed

I am a female who enjoys action movies. Loved The Guest. Who knew Mr. Stevens could play such a BADASS! Nicely done.

New role?

Having heard Dan sing Evermore and seen him in Night at the Museum 3, wonder if Arthur in Camelot could be a future possibility?

Evermore put me in mind of the great Richard Harriss in this role

Sir Lancelot

I would love to see him as Sir Lancelot in a remake of Camelot with Michelle Dockery as Guinevere (Vanessa Redgrave's role) she has a beautiful voice and we now know Dan can carry a tune and of course their chemistry is palpable from DA

my love

I love him. All his roles are wonderful. When I write my essay about the favorite actor, I always tell about Night at the Museum. It was his the role, of course, in my opinion


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They churn out so much

They churn out so much rubbish today to make a profit, especially with sequels and merchandising. sometimes Pay Someone To Do Your Assignment & i think hollywood has forgotten to add a storyline to films, the quality isn't as good as older films, although you do still get some real gems in amongst all the tat.


Try wbluratching The Guest.


Did you mean watching? Agree gem.


There has always been rubbish films, along with hammy acting. Some of the films of the 60s were dreadful.So much money is involved in movie making now the studios have to go all out to make a profit.Disney, for example. Some of the best films now are from independents. Unfortunately they don't very often make it to the big chain cinemas, especially in the UK.

The range of genres has expanded over the last few years and the quality of the acting has improved no end. Actors can no longer rely on looks alone.

Britain has produced some of the best all round actors recently, Dan Stevens is one of several and has appeared in a wide range of roles from sci fi to comedy, all worth watching.

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

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