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You have a real talent for bringing books to life - very much hope there will be plenty more audiobooks in the future!


Greetings again daniel,I wrote a special birthday poem for you......if we were to kiss..........your kiss my love,upon my lips falls like the sahara,in rythms of depth,mysteries of silent music moving through wild if on the path where legends live and die,histories,irreplaceable echoes of lost desire and the raptures of love.......with love, kamlin


Greetings daniel,I absolutely love listening to you read,you reading madam bovary and ralph fiennes reading the english patient feel like heaven on earth to both bring tears of happiness listening to you....I read my passionate poetry on sat evenings on the free phone line called the free chat line .com its the best phone chat line in america,people say I have an undescribable sultry voice,and my poetry is hauntingly love you to listen some sat night....when the moon is full and your sitting at your fireplace letting my voice and words take you away ravishing....who knows,maybe I'll become your guilty pleasure.....with love,kamlin


Wish to make a general statement regarding members of the armed forces who are suffering from post-traumatic stress.... While there is respect for your goals as an actor to expand, it is difficult to find humor in the subject. Yes, this statement pertains to one of your recent films, "The Guest." Hopefully, at some point, you will have the opportunity for a part that explores the emotional hell that many have experienced. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to make a general statement on your website. Wishing you well in your future endeavors....


Just finished Heros Welcome . Loved loved loved it.will listen to it again. Dan ,you make it just come to life.

Alan Forrest

Dear Mr. Stevens
Your reading of FALL of GIANTS is absolutely the BEST - AWESOME! Better than John Lee's work on Winter of the World!
I was so impressed that I looked for your other works.
Your narration of The Invisible Ones was so good, that I thought I was hearing the actual characters like at a stage play...absolutely engrossing.
Now that I know you are also on TV and theater I will watch for you.
Thanks for such good work.


Actually I wanted to say Mate, haha .- So again Hi mate, or better Hi Dan!

Wolfgang Scholz

Hi Matt,

you are great actor, thank you for all your movies. I hope you will continue to be part of the acting future of great britain.

As someone mentioned so lovely before you would be the right one to play next James Bond. I suggest you make yourself ready for the role. For no one fits better in than you.

And I must also especially thank you for having a part in the Line of Beauty and playing other roles similare to this one.

Again, keep it going and make your fans proud.

Best regards,
Wolfgang Scholz

Gail from Missouri

You are such a talented person and I love watching your performances. You amaze me and millions of other fans. I really miss seeing you on Downton Abbey as Matthew Crawley, my favorite character of yours, but you are so wonderful in everything you do. I so wish I had to opportunity to go to New York and see you on Broadway. That would've been spectacular to see you perform in person. You are such a gifted actor and I look forward to your future work. You are amazing. Love everything you do. Thanks for entertaining me. PS My 3 year old daughter loves you, too. :)


My dear Dan -

Your talent is truly a gift from God - absolutely superb. It's so much more than one part, one type, even if I thought you were wonderful as Matthew. I look forward to seeing a lot more of you, especially when you branch out into comedies, adventures, detective stories, histories, Shakespeare, Ibsen and the classics. You have it all. All the best to you and God bless you and your family!

PS: Keep up the wonderful audio productions - you do so much for literacy, you know! ;)


I am extremely excited about all of Dan's upcoming project. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was not to be able to attend Sundance this year. Had a schedule conflict. Bums! But I do look forward to seeing "The Guest" very soon. Best of luck to Dan and cannot wait to see him on the big screen!



I think dan stevens would make a superb james bond. Set in the 1950-1960 time frame with the return of the bond gadgets only this time they don't always function properly which causes bond to improvise and which also causes tension between bond and Q. Dan stevens seems to possess so many qualies to make a truly authentic bond in the james bond legacy.


Dear Dan,
greetings vom Germany! Saw most of your films in the last few weeks and i like them all. It’s very easy and entertaining to see, hear and learn lovely british english with you und the different roles. Außerdem ist dein deutsch in „Hilde“ wirklich hinreissend ;-) I’m looking forward to see your latest movies. I have to apologize for my basic english – haven’t seen enough of your films yet... Have a great time and „Danke schön“ 


Hey Dan!

I dont think any actor ever touched me the way you have! Please, dont ever change inside! Because thats what makes you outstanding!!

Love from Denmark!


I love you so much!


can´t matthew be standing under the shower and everything was a dream?
I really enjoyed your charakter. A bit in the German version, but really much when I switched to the Original version. So I somehow must have fallen in love with your voice:)

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