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Maxwell tells the story of the dramatic final months of the media tycoon's life. Maxwell's world is collapsing. Cracks are appearing in his multi-billion business empire, his marriage is in difficulties and his weight has ballooned dangerously. He owns some of the world's best known media companies - Macmillan Publishing; the New York Daily News and the Daily Mirror.

But his obsession with both power and his great rival, Rupert Murdoch, is causing his downfall. With time running out he retreats to the heart of his web and sets about saving his skin. He is trapped and paranoid. His attempts to stem the tide of debts culminate in him stealing a billion pounds from his companies and their pension funds. But he is still hurtling towards disaster and, ultimately, death. Maxwell is a gripping account of how greed and ambition destroyed a man and led him to commit one of the world's biggest ever frauds. The film is written by Craig Warner. (source BBC)

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Basil Brookes

Broadcast dates

4 May 2007


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