Comic Relief: world record

Comic Relief: world record

Photos of Dan have been shared on Twitter following the fantastic, successful world record attempt on Monday evening at the Royal Albert Hall. This photo was shared by Sarah Cawood, while Hugh Bonneville also shared one. 

Downton Abbey: series 1 broadcast on Belgian TV

Series 1 of Downton Abbey will be broadcast on Eén in Belgium from 26 March (thanks to Lianne53 in the Darcylicious Forum).

Comic Relief, Vamps, Josephine Hart Poetry Hour

Dan's "superfollow plus" for the Twitrelief auction now includes a signed copy of the upcoming audiobook My Dear I Wanted to Tell You (Dan's Twitter).

Comic Relief: the Big Red Nose Show and Twitrelief

The Evening Standard has an article about the BBC Big Red Nose Show (14 March), in which Dan will participate as a kazooer. Here's an excerpt: