Beauty and the Beast: LA premiere and Disney Park photos

Beauty and the Beast: LA premiere and Disney Park photos

Lots of photos from the recent Los Angeles premiere of Beauty and the Beast have been shared online. Collective Triforce shared over 100 photos on their Facebook Page. Zimbio has a lot more, as well as new ones of Dan at the California Disney Park.

New interviews with Dan, along with accompanying photoshoots, have been shared by Elle,, and Glamour Magazine. New video interviews can be watched below.


New baby?

It is great to have all this news after so long without any - but it has been mentioned that he is a father of three now. Anyone know whether boy or girl and when it was born? I can't help feeling he must be a fantastic dad as he takes care of his children's privacy with no announcements or pictures like so many other stars.


Depending on what site you view he has 2 children, Willow and Aubrey, but recently a couple have stated he has 3 with a 10 month old caĺled Eden. As has been said he takes care of his family's privacy, although Willow and Aubrey are sometimes referred to in his interviews.


Thanks to all concerned for these photos and clips. Wish Dan would do more interviews in UK but great to see him getting such a response now wherever he appears.


So many great interviews, One Show,Good Morning etc, promoting Beauty and the Beast. Dan always looķs relaxed and interested when being interviewed on UK tv, Good, humourous chat.

Move on

Can't believe some people are still moaning about Dan leaving Downton. Rarely does an actor remain in a role year after year. Pre Downton Dan played in Shakespear, Noel Coward, Jane Austen, radio plays. He's one of the best voices for audio books. He's talented playing drama or comedy as well.

These people need to move on and enjoy the new projects that Dan has taken on. His role as Matthew had run its course and some of the lines he had were pitiful and over time would only have become more strained. Yes an exit on Xmas day may not be good, but as has been said, it wasn't down to him.

Downton placed him in front of a wide audience which can only expand with all his latest work, so for goodness sake enjoy your Downton DVDs, but let Matthew go!

Dan Stevens


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