Beauty and the Beast London premiere and launch photos and interviews

Beauty and the Beast London premiere and launch photos and interviews

Photos and interviews have been shared online from this week's London premiere and launch of Beauty and the Beast. A number of hi-res photos can be found from both events on Zimbio and Access Hollywood. This site has more photos the Corinthia London photocall.


So pleased to see...

All these clips and interviews - busy times for Dan & the cast of Beauty & The Beast!

interviews etc.

Dan, you look and sound great...but please ditch that hat!

That Hat (and photo)

I'll take the photo but do lose that hat Dan. I know you love hats but this is one too far !!!
Have enjoyed all the news and footage leading up to the opening of Beauty and the Beast at Spencer House. Had two or three little notes from Emma, but none from you!!!!! However, am looking forward to the 17th March in London.
All other photos of all of the cast are simply stunning and I adore the yellow Ballgown. Roll on the 17th!!
Am sure it will be a night to remember. P


You're never too old or too young to be a fan! Saw article re.96 year old. My mother in law, 99, says he looks and sounds "like a gentleman" while my 4 year old grand daughter calls Dan "her best boyfriend"! Agree abòut that hat.

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

Dan for sale...

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