The Ticket and Colossal now in US theatres

The Ticket and Colossal now in US theatres

Dan has two films released in the US this weekend: 'The Ticket' and 'Colossal'. Check out official sites for both films to find out where they are being screened. The Ticket is also available to US audiences as a digital download. 

A new interview with Dan has been shared to promote The Ticket by Coming Soon. Read it in full on that site.

2017 might very well belong to Dan Stevens. The English star first caught fans’ eyes as Downton Abbey‘s Matthew Crawley and soon won over genre fans as the lead of Adam Wingard‘s stylish thriller The Guest. In 2017, he has already played one of the title roles in the current biggest movie of the year. Walt Disney Pictures‘ Beauty and the Beast has passed $900 million at the global box office. This Friday sees the release of two more Dan Stevens films with Nacho Vigalondo‘s Colossal and Ido Fluk‘s The Ticket.

Then, April 14 will bring us another Dan Stevens film with Joseph Cedar’s Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer. And that’s not even mentioning Mr. Steven’s hit FX series, Legion. From Fargo‘s Noah Hawley, the Marvel series just finished its first season.

“That’s a lot of movies,” Stevens laughed during a recent chat with CS about The Ticket. “…These things happen occasionally. I worked with Jessica Chastain about five years ago on a play. She had one of those years where something like seven different projects all came out… It’s been interesting. It’s quite a range of stuff.”

Shout! Factory is distributing The Ticket in a limited run starting this Friday. Co-starring Malin Akerman, The Ticket sees Dan Stevens as a former blind man who, after regaining his vision, becomes driven by a newly-acquired sense of superficiality. In some ways, that’s the reverse of Beauty and the Beast‘s exploration of inner beauty.

“There is a sort of dark fairy tale to it,” Stevens continues. “Something magical happens. There is a magical transformation… [But] that’s the story of most great movies. It’s a part of the artistic expression. It’s the heroes’ journey. Something happens to the hero and it changes how he sees the world and makes him appreciate the marvels.”

Indie Wire has a new clip from the film to share.

In addition to releases for The Ticket, Colossal and Norman in the US, it seems Permission will premiere at Tribeca next week!


New releases

3 films released in US in the last few days. How long will other fans have to wait to see them? After the excitement and all the publicity of B & B, seems a bit of a let down for other fans with no idea if or when they will be able to see these films.

release of Dan's films in the UK

This is so unfair. We have to wait for more than a couple of years for Dan's movies, and then they are released all in the same year. Some were made about 3 to 4 years ago. What's the problem withholding films. Do get your act together you distributors and sort out your priorities. Realise movies are made in the US, but we do get short-changed when we are treated as second in line re. distribution.


Keep seeing news about films that are about to be released or have already been released but are only available to see in the US..

TheTicket, Kill Switch, Permission ... when do we get to see them?

And why does Dan always seem to have to take on the part with an American accent? This distribution issue has been rumbling on now for soom time with no end in sight and no comment from those involved.

UK releasess

The trouble seems to be that a number òf films are made by independents rather than big studios such as Disney with their massive budgets. When it comes to distrubution these films only seem to be shown in a small number of cinemas and not the big chains. Fine if you have access, but not if you are outside the big cities. Unfortunatelý it all seems to come down to money.
Thanks to the success of Beauty and the Beast worldwide, Dan is gaining more well earned recognition and hopefully distributors, film makers whatever, will realise that there are a lot of admirers of Dan's work outside of the US that want to see his movies. If there appears to be the demand maybe, just maybe, we'll get a better deal.

new projects

Dan certainly is pushing himself with the number of films coming out this year! Seems to favour slightly off-beat themes and characters. A far cry from Downton.

Just read about Kill Switch, another sci-fi type of film, a favourite genre of his obviously. Would love to see him him in a good comedy, he always seems to have a great sense of fun and humour.

Whatever he does, hope it will reach a wider audience, not just US.


Little news lately about Dan and the films that have yet to be released in the UK. Really want to see The Ticket. So many films out this year hope they can be in cinemas here soon.

news updates

There has been no news on this site for several weeks _ no mention of films Dan has been working on. eg. Kill Switch, or Instagram posts. Not expecting weekly reports, but when there are new projects in progress that are featured in the press, would have thought they would have a mention here.

The ticket

Have watched The Ticket on You tube. Brilliant, moving film. Dan Stevens superb as always. Well worth watching.


Does anybody have any info about DVDs for The Ticket and Legion? Seems they are available in US but can't find any details as to when, or if they are to be released in UK.

Radio Times mentioned Legion box set, but can't find any further reference.

The Ticket is avalable on Youtube, but would like to keep.


With little news coming out at present re. Dan, why does this site seem to have been taken over by people promoting their web sites for writing thesis, essays, etc. and using older posts to hide their comments in?

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

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