How Will Business Travel Etiquette Change in the Future?

Times are changing in the business world and it is not entirely clear what the future looks like moving on from the pandemic. One aspect of business that will forever be changed is business travel, especially as so many people have gotten used to working remotely since the start of the pandemic.

Still Hesitation

It is impossible to predict what will happen in the coming weeks and months, but it is likely that business travel will continue to be limited. Restrictions are set to be lifted, but there is still a great deal of trepidation and business owners and employees may be reluctant to suddenly start using public transport with no mask mandate in place.

Unvaccinated Workers

Additionally, you must also factor in the vaccine rollout. Uptake of the vaccine has been high, but there will still be those that have not had the vaccine or had both jabs and this can be problematic as there could even be restrictions in place on travel for those that have not been vaccinated.

Flexibility is Key

Communication will be key moving forward and business owners may need to have some flexibility in terms of people travelling for work. There might be those that are highly anxious about using public transport, people that are considered vulnerable/live with people that are vulnerable as well as people having to self-isolate (this could be a major issue in the coming months).

Being Mindful

It is likely that business travel will be much less common than pre-pandemic once restrictions are lifted, but it will increase and many companies will be keen to bring staff together. If you do want to bring staff in, you might need to be mindful and arrange trips for them. As an example, you could book a Wakefield to Doncaster train for them at a quiet time so that the journey will be less stressful and safer.

International Travel Decline

In terms of international travel, it is hard to see this becoming common again for quite some time. Currently, the risk is simply too high as the situation is so fast-changing as many people who have had flights cancelled in recent months will tell you. If international travel is required, driving or rail travel is likely to become the preferred option at least for the time being.

It is going to be a strange, challenging and stressful time ahead for business owners and staff when it comes to travel, but communication and support will hopefully make it easier to manage.